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RG2800 Green, Albert Lamborn, 1845-1947

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Manuscripts

A. L. Green Scrapbook Private scrapbook of A.L. Green, ( Albert Lamborn Green), Dated 1939, Address: Box 34, Beatrice Nebraska. The scrapbook contains …original poems, photographs of family, sketches by A.L. Green, and poetry by A.L. Green and S.S. Green. A.L. Green was U.S. Indian Agent to the Otoe Indians. His sketches illustrate his Christian themed poetry and verse. His scrapbook contains invitations, a family history and genealogy pedigree to royal families and a valentine plus postcards of Scottsbluff, Nebraska; Arizona Petrified Forest; the “Providence Meeting House” in Media, Pennsylvania, (this is the Friends or Quakers meeting house, A. L. Green’s family church). Other postcards are of Crum Creek Road, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania; a Seminole Village, Tropical Gardens, Florida; and Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California. Photographs Identified in the scrapbook: A.L. Green portrait and wedding invitation A.L.’s Father and Mother A.L.’s son Allie Green (1889) Allie Green’s wife and child, Alberta A.L.’s granddaughters on horseback, Lucretia and Sara Lucretia on horse, “Black Beauty” A.L.’s son Albert D. Green (studio portrait) Ethel, Lucretia, Freckles (dog), and A.L. Green A.L.’s great granddaughter Virginia Howey Native Americans schooled and mentored by A.L. Green: Pipe Stem and Little Deer, Otoe Chiefs A.L.’s grandson Larsen and friends, with shotguns and pheasants Beatrice Nebraska main street, about 1880’s A.L.’s brother Robert, Robert’s daughter Beula, A.L.’s wife Emma, and A.L. Green A.L., his daughter Mary, and great granddaughter Virginia Howey A.L.’s sister Lydia, wearing her mother’s clothes, (portrait) A.L.’s brother William Green’s daughter Ann Green, a fine art print by her A.L.’s residence, Beatrice, Nebraska, summer of 1937 A.L.’s grandson Larsen and his mother Gertrude, 1937 A.L.’s sister Lydia and his brother Alfred H. Hawkins John and Kitty __________________ at Buck Hill Falls A.L.’s sister Lydia’s back yard lily pool, with her granddaughter Photo at A.L.’s brother Robert’s summer cottage: “Buck Hill Falls”, photo of A.L.’s daughter Mary, Mary’s son John and his wife Kitty. A.L.’s son Allie’s children: Mary K. and Alberta A.L.’s second wife Emma’s family home, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania A.L.’s first wife’s brother: Lee Guarrigus Lightfoot Rock with plaque in Beatrice City Park, A.L. Green presented it as an Old Soldiers Memorial A.L.’s granddaughter, Virginia Howey A.L. Green and wife Emma in a crowd, Sunrise Service, Easter, Mount Rubideau, Riverside, California, 1921 Daniel Boon’s family autographs A.L.’s wife Sallie, A.L.’s son Tom, Tom’s wife Lucretia (on his left) and Lucretia’s sister Ethel (on Tom’s right). Photo taken at 7 Falls, Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado, (photo with mules) A.L.’s brother Samuel Sharpless Green, librarian A.L.’s grandson John Howey (studio portrait by Townsend) A.L.’s brother Dr. Dillwyn Green (studio card portrait by Shayne of Philadelphia)


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